Earth's Son David

Earth's Son David

The ramification led to the confused conclusions,

thought David son of universe;

humans have lost their need to control them;

nevertheless it’s also same from the past;

“forget all”shouted the cruel human at David;

he who committed crime in every birth being

different every time said in no despair to provide the same harm

forever on David’s mother-our earth;

David re calmed and forgot all

as he was sure enough

that sky his brother will treat humans a lesson of their own;

humans unaware of rising hope in David’s conclusions carried the work with no change;

sky, David’s brother provided gave some burning waters to humans

and showed them the way he cries when someone hurts his mother;

humans still inattentive gave thumbs down to sky ,

and returned to the shout to David at his this work,

David nevertheless stayed calm and fired nothing back;

this did not made anything happen.

as it was just a lot of heating on earth by humans ,they thought

it to be a cry of David and ignored it,

but this was the howl of a son for the one who did bad to his mother,

humans with their own works got erased,

and today David freed her mother of the pain named the global warming;

started by the humans and now ended by and with the humans alone;

“wow!!” what an end to cruelty-exclaimed David .


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