The day i came in this world with a cry,

I pass the smiles of many under this sky;

With me were born my talents and style,

Happy were many to see a child so calm;

I grew old and wise enough for to hold my pride ,

But i forgot in the midst of praise that what i was;

I leave behind the past,the future was not thought and present was always fought;

I got lost in this crowd and their cries;

I became one in many and forgot to be one in front of many,

For what i was born and now;

The days passed as a larks singing;

But the day the clock stopped i saw the time ;

The present was perfect tense to relieve me out of this tensed world,

And then i realised what i was born for and with;

I made a day come in my life as all now who see me they know me

As my talent showed my name in the spotlight .



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