Do we need a rescue,
every time we get in trouble
do we really care for what we are becoming,
or are we satisfied for being so what we have turned today

Every thing that happens in my life is so stupid
it goes all the way more wrong,
then getting it little right
and then I had this thought every time ,
“Oh I thought god was mine”

But so true we talk about braveries and courage,
but so true that we are so coward inside
its said true” saying is easy than done”

And today atrocities of life have fallen on me,
and I cry
quite expected but not when,
I say I will be stronger
for my future and for my life;

I cry, cry and just cry inside my heart which is all full of cries;
strange what have I turned my self into;
every trouble and I run into him, and ask for help,
and when I didn’t get any I curse him as always,
and strangest thing is that I am just not even obeying my own self
at various moments where the life made a halt; even if for a moment,

 But Now I think I have been able to convert my self into something,
a strong person by saying things
or a stupid person by not being able to doing things as per my sayings.



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