let the sorrow see the face of mine;

for it may be shattered in bits and cries;

for as they say when my life  borrowed some values,

from a soul full morrow;

but what to do when you are left stranded on  an edge

that has death at both the ends,

one virtual and the other  real;

this gift of both the deaths was given to me by every morrow i faced;

but i sat back like no one else and

gave a thought to

my life on edge ,to just sit and die like everyone else or;

just sit and think and let die the death alone,

in the same piece the sorrow came to me,

i was shattered ,i was sitting on the edge;

but i thought and then i didn’t fall;

i jumped from the edge ,took a leap for the next;

and i found another edge;

on which i am standing now;

though my life’s just now about being on either of the edges;

but now death is not at any of them;

it is a kind gesture to say that,

you defeated death;

but to which i gently say;

i still have death on my bedside edge,

you never evade any death;

but with time and brain ;

you start to live with the death ;

you live ,you love and you evade it.


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