The dream that resides in me;
is the ultimate fight in me,

I desire to rise up,way above the sky;

And then i realize its just my night,
where i dream and dream and just wish that dream;

As working is the mechanism of the creature,
and which certainly i never did.

I write a letter to my dream then one day,
that help me wake up and get me free from them;
i wanted to work but my heart was right seeing the dreams;

I asked for help no one came,
i then realized its a no-mans place,
you got, you,only you. for you;

So one night i saw a wing it was on fire in a dream,
i was sleeping even then,
i tried to touch it i felt the burning desire it had,
it felt so real,
i just slept,as my dream i thought was to make me feel what work is;
after fifteen minutes i heard a shout ,

I woke up in a jiffy,

Saw here and there but couldn’t see anything,
i thought i am still not awake
and for the first time i realized i was still not awake,
my sleep and my dream,had today got the whole house down,

The ashes now seem to laugh at me, as if they are not the burned one,
instead as it was me who was lying dead down there;
my mom and dad saw me for the last time as same as i was busy dreaming;

And now as they lost their house which they made with so work,

I thought of gifting them a bigger ,but
then i realized i may had if …

I had not been  dreaming.


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