The cry makes me go near,
to the one’s i remember;

Times i lived , were tough to live together,
with peace and harmony;
when i remember,
the one’s who made my life, to where as today i find myself;
but i couldn’t extend their a little more,
to see my life rise;
or fall back in demise;

This life suit’s a disguise that i wear;
and try to hide,
my atrocities, which usually played were very high;
with my distraction from them towards a social high;
that social high, i was not made for;
yet i went for;
resulted in a little end for my life;
yet today when i remember those guys;
who said me not to forget my life,
and my lies;
Which took a major place in my this earthly device;
i cry as, i lost to many and one;
that one being myself;

I was warned by many;
but my heart which skipped my beats,
to keep social things alive,
which were then called called as a popular hive;

Today as i cry for those,
whom i never cared and listened to,
when it was time;
and today life taught me
the true essence of life,

And then comes the last reside that is when you have tears with your smile,
you then have learned this true essence of your life.




  1. saumya sharma · · Reply

    whosoever can feel all this will be called a LIFE CONNOISSEUR…..and i think you felt it ..!! amazing..!!

  2. hmm, can’t say anything i am too young to accept it. but i appreciate you gave it a look, thanks

  3. Angela Montesdeoca · · Reply


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