i say, the two magical words today,
“hello life”;
as i come today with a cry;
in this life;
i am born out of my parents conscience;
my mother was my reside as there i hid for most of the time ,
sleeping, waking, kicking, was
all that i did to make myself be in contact with this life;
the first sun ray that entered my eyes,
was the time when i was taken out to see the world in my own style;
upside down i was , at that time, when i realised i have come to life;

my father and mother holding me side by side,
showing me the world in which they reside,
when i looked up in the sky, i first saw a beautiful shine;
they told me that’s the sun ,
which makes the days light;

then i went to sleep as i got tired;

woke up in the night, and wondered where is the light,
asked my father, ‘where did the light gone;’
he replied see the sky, there is a sun which is now white, and hence giving the white light;

i then inquired about the various spots twinkling in the dark that night,
my father replied ,again, they are the various spots that shine when they take white suns light,

i relaxed and went to sleep again;

i then woke up next morning to see  the green paradise,
where pasture was flourishing and food was nourishing;
i asked my father again, is this the beauty of human mankind,
he replied back immediately, this is beauty of mother nature and handwork of mankind;

he explained, our mother nature makes our life’s good,
and our good deeds makes our life’s beautiful;

surely , but how !! i asked…

father said curiously, by doing work rather than sitting idle and wasting your time,
by helping others and making a life;

by this you will be making believe everyone about the true essence of this life,
which is lived by many alike you and mine,

and the last word to reside in hearts of this mankind should be,
“thank you god for this beautiful life”

-Sahil Khanna


  1. “hello life” – As magical a pair of words as any. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading it mate.

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