I call myself another boy,
Who lives in the world with a joy,

There is a life, in which he resides,
He likes to rise within every demise,

He thinks of coming back to life with every stride,
This is his spirit inside;

Not many are there with whom he may compare,
As his style is new out there;

Not knew as he thought about it,
And not copied from any google hit;

For he may now be called the originator of his art. As he played the tricks back on the cards,
This is the reason why he’s called the connoisseur of life.

– Sahil Khanna


    1. thank you, for review, i appreciate you took out time to see my work.

      1. hello and thankyou for looking at my poetry today i hope you enjoyed it theres loads there to read.from kevin.

  1. the courage to rise up and live life as authentic and original as you can is a rare virtue…
    beautifully captured words…nice job…stay inspired

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