Trademark Of Success

Here the sun settled and there the hopes rose, for the new meaning to come and bring the joy with lots of good things ‘n’ luck, that’s the wish every bird of that night hoped for that succeeding morning. As in the morning they are going to get the first cut- off from the university, phew, strange and dangerous.It sounds crazy waiting for the newspaper as you never did and then seeing the thing you never wished and what’s worse you never wish that it to turn the other way round from you. Oh my god, every kid said that word when they saw the lists.The difference remained of an exclamation mark either first of astonishment of near death as not clearing through any good college for some or of excitement of going to what’s known as a trademark of success, i.e. Going to the best college. A real wow moment for some.
But little do they realize what they are thinking and what they want to think ahead, here every single soul wants to be in and have that trademark just because that will give them a good knowledge and a good job, but I think how the whole world get a better job just because of the college and also how can they get the best knowledge, which they think they want in a normal college.

I find it so strange that those people who don’t make it to that college and then they only are the people wasting whole one year to get into that particular college that is no. 1, good they have an aim and ambition I would say, but don’t they understand the utmost importance of a whole one year that costs them ask a dying person what does one min. Feels… same way if they are good at their subject such that they can get into the best college next year why not take it at a college where they getting and do well.
I would say worlds have become smaller due to globalization; things have gone compact, very small, instead of getting vast, people have got it wrong we have stopped the thinking mechanism and work like a human machine to reach their what the world says as number 1.

its all classified as numbers and positions and then one country relates to other, things get even worse just because they loose other many opportunities, they try to forget them selves but want to fight for to be like that one…whose on no.1 position right now, its excellent to be like that but better if you reach there by being as you not by being as him we are just being the forget full humans and we are loosing things largely its not good for the health of a nation, we see people running like hell for marks, grades..and not for the knowledge that they want so as to be in the best place for higher education, but they do not want to become the best in brain application from others but by being at a par with higher grades. And it’s true to say that when it comes to higher grades.The knowledge usually gets neglected.
We are just loosing the talent a person has and this will not be good for the health of that person and may lose his identity as he used to be in his earlier ages, forever to this trademark of and for success.




  1. salinkumark · · Reply

    exciting writings………………….

  2. samanthadouglas · · Reply

    ” we have stopped the thinking mechanism and work like a human machine to reach their what the world says as number 1″

    Love it. Great way to describe globalization. Great post

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