The life takes a change when things don’t happen your way, when you thought of doing something right and literally fought for it and it happened to be taking away everything from your side. You are then usually left out with no choice.

If a name is to be considered , then how big or small it is it does not matter if equal law prevails in a country or region. The person in talk is the King of what once was a huge empire, in the early ages ago, but as in present time the democracy took it’s chance the kingship ended, this did not deterred the kings but what followed next was not expected.

The powers get weak, as it’s a normal thing. But sometimes legacy does play a role for some, But  does everyone leaves a legacy behind in life.
And how does it goes when a person faces troubles irrespective of his die-hard attitude towards life .

Sometimes things changes and other-times lives changes.



“The waves in the wind say that water will flow down side, and the opposite of what it usually flowed to. but what to say to the fish who don’t feel these currents deep under the sea, near the bed, as the fishermen are the one who will face the changes.”

Following the night , he looked upon  his well cushioned bed, making a glance as to never stop this stare. as little he knows what will result tomorrow, out of the verdict.

He drank a glass of water and sat next to his great-grandmother’s portrait that filled the air with a powerful and beautiful essence, her presence feeling down through the heart to the enchanting forest of the country. every person from rags to riches knew her enigma and thought her as of a powerful figure among the odds, who were among those who would anything to keep her family’s values and traditions high upright and living.
as he saw the eyes of his great-grandmother , his eyes got filled and a drop fell by the side. as soon as it fell a handkerchief approached  and said,
“your highness, please use it and don’t make your heart small, everything will be in your favor tomorrow.” by a servant of palace serving at the king’s room.

the king looked up for the first time that night after he got to know about the people’s repression against him, have led a court case trigger against him, for he may be jailed in tomorrow verdict. but he still feels no guilty as he believes what he did at that time was right and courteous.

and king said, ‘I don’t need any piece of cloth to make me remember i have been crying, take it away and close the door, leave me alone for sometime and I don’t want anyone to disturb me.’

yes your highness’, the servant replied and exited.

we have been listening the same sentence for a long time now, it’s been 15 days we have been hearing it, said the servant to another standing guard outside the king’s room.
yes, and king has not leaved his room from that same day itself,but tomorrow will be a new day hope, it fits in well for our king and hope he becomes ‘the earlier him’ again, said the other.

i am tensed for the king, hope he is able to take the burden of truth and lies, that bound him today, said king’s wife and her highness Maharani Rajvanti Rai Rathod.

he will be able to, my daughter, don’t worry your husband is a strong man made out of honor and hardwork, he can’t go wrong with his decisions , said father of Maharani Rajvanti Rai Rathod, his highness Maharaja Chandrapratap Singh Rai of Ranthambore.

Warm water for bath is ready your highness, said a servant.

I am not interested right now, i will like to see my son-in law first ,  Maharaja Chandrapratap Singh Rai told the servant.

and he moves out of his chamber to the north alley of the palace , where his son- in law is sitting in front of her great- grandmothers portrait and worried about the courts proceedings.

as he reaches the room the guards tell him that king has told them that no one should disturb him.  Maharaja Chandrapratap gets the hint that his son-in law is not well from within inside, he needs to help him out, through this phase of his life.
and he enters.

Maharaja Surya Singh Rathore, what am i listening you are worried about the courts proceedings and have not been out of your room for a long time now, inquired Maharaja Chandrapratap Singh Rai, on his son-in laws state of mind and what destiny’s being playing on him.

yes dad, i am tensed about tomorrow morning’s proceedings to take place, and as the earlier proceedings have already not been in my favor and i don’t think tomorrows verdit will be too. said Maharaja Surya Singh.

don’t think this way son, you know you have always fought for truth and with truth, and those who are with truth, they never fail, and they are only made to undergo pressures and trials as they have the ability to hold them and still go ahead. you are just doing the same,and my son i am with you, your wife is with you.  Maharaja Chandrapratap tried to instill courage back in him.

i understand and agree, but please i would like to be left alone for tonight and as it’s gonna be a long night , i … will like to be alone. Maharaja Surya Singh shared his thoughts with his father -in law.

sure, i will go. but you take care, son. your people need you back. replied Maharaja Chandrapratap and he left.

(to be continued)




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