The Jailed Emperor (part- 2)

PART – 2

“The dawn happened and a new morning came, with the clouds parting ways for the sun’s light to come through the window pane, that leads to the red marveled bed of Emperor Surya Singh Rathore.”

Good morning Maharaja, said Maharani Rajvanti.

Maharaja’s eyes were filled, without a site for any relief, Maharani was tensed as she has never seen Maharaja into such a disguised condition with taking such tensions for any work, she knew Maharaja’s power to think in any troubled situations can make him come out of that trouble , and has also solved such cases in his palace’s court that were nearly impossible to be solved, and today Maharani was seeing those tensed eyes, she had never seen earlier.

When is the proceeding today starting? Maharaja inquired.

Today at 11.00 in the morning. Maharani answered.

OK, i will be ready , tell Ramdayal to get my clothes and shoes set by 9.30 . i will meet you in archway, i hope you are going to accompany me…. Maharaja asked.

of-course your highness , how can there be two ways in this. i am your wife, how can you even make such thoughts cross through your heart- Maharani  in an assuring tone to Maharaja.

OK we’ll meet in the archway then,king said in a rough disguised tone.

king dressing always revealed him as an authoritative figure, and him getting dressed and coming down to go for the court, for a case against him, was that days biggest irony.
everyone was still astonished about the fact that their King has to visit a court for he did something wrong, and but not everyone knew why.

Car is ready, your highness , a servant told the king, any other special arrangements to be done, the bowed servant in front of the king asked.

No, replied the king, shall we proceed he asked his Queen , standing dressed in a way completely complimenting the king’s presence.

while going for the court, a 20 minutes silent drive from the palace. The car was made to stop by a lady, dressed unusually and asking for to stop with her hands wide opened and having something in her hands, something unknown.

The car stopped, King inquired the matter.

There’s a lady in front of the car, making us stop the car. The driver told the king.

By the time king could respond to the immediate brakes applied by the driver and send his people to inquire about the lady, that lady was by the car’s window, where the king was seated.

Her hairs fallen down, various strands of hairs tied together making them look heavier.
her clothes had dirt which were showing her poverty, or not able to cope up with material world. And usually people of this sort had a a stick in one hand or some bowl in other but here, the story was different she was empty handed totally.

King astonished on seeing her, coming through a stride and smiling at him, he rolled down the window , despite the resistance shown by , his bodyguard’s and his wife.
from past many days king’s attitude towards suggestions or talks has changed a lot, he now believes in listening to the thoughts of his heart , and his brain rather than listening to others brains and thoughts.

And the king asked, whats the matter amma, why you made my car stop.

The lady kept quite , looked silently through the king’s charismatic presence, and as  a pause breaker she suddenly said , you look exactly the same, as you used to look in your earlier days.

Everyone got quite , their face expressions changed , but not of the lady.

( To be continued )


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