The way glory looks past,
it takes me away through the dark;

The phase I talked the most about,
to myself, and not to the world;

Is yet to get over,
as I thought;
to have got over through it
and have started a new beginning;

The life may not be reminding me of any new situations now,
but it might be definitely looking up for some,

So as to make me cater my agony of pain and thrust,
that lies deep down beneath my life’s crust,

Sooner or later I realized about how life would be taking a stroll,
Out of my nemesis, which I had made;

Sometimes as we say, we are usually lost in between that say,
for that we cry, we laugh at the bounty of nature of our lives;

Forget the past as it is past,
Many told me as I worked for a my life ahead;

But how to deal with my now present,
nobody told me that, and sometimes I feel like why I had entered in this present;

But then realized one day, the pains, the smiles,
All are part of my life’s style;
No worries, as I had to deal with them now,

And this is when I suddenly realized the talk;
I had with a person,

 The one who told me about the two simple phases of our lives,
determining us how we live

First is ‘so what’ which comes only after a thing has happened,
and then comes ‘now what’ which comes after so,
as now what to do with the thing happened;

The real agony earlier was why it happened to me,
now I have known how to bargain with that agony and that too at a great price.




  1. is amazing, bookmarked!

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