Made In Heaven

Made In Heaven

Let my lies be caught and,
let  my punishment be announced;

Let my eyes be caught crying,
let them be dull and dry;

How far could i go on this road,
within this dark and blistered route;

If i had been alone on this journey,
i would then not have been for so long in this journey;

My eyes when were opened i saw my presence,
that was my first encounter with my god in existence;

Soon i started to grow and soon i started to realize,
who was it with whose help i grew and become alive;

The one who gave me food first,
and then made me go to sleep,
with the stories which kept going until i woke up next morning;

The one who got me a new flavor of ice cream to taste everyday,
with no excuse of what- so- ever  happened;

Many things happened with my life that i remember and,
many i forget;

But how come that one never forgot to wish me birthday,
even if i was not yet awake;

The one about whom i talked for so long is;
my mother,
we all have them, lucky are we;

As why it always happened that she was always there for me,
even if she knew that i had done wrong,

How it happened she had such a big heart,
that she never scolded when i said something in anger to her;

As when we get ignored, we get red,
when we ignore her, she never gets white;

That’s why i say always that,
i got a mother who was made in heaven just for me;

And it gives me an answer that god is with me,

It is not just my story but,
everyone reading this might be relating,

And saying yes this is true,
As i say this line actually;

And that’s why i believe,
I got a mother , i am lucky.



One comment

  1. superb .. i like it… your moto is all clear and this poem shows that how much you love your mom… 🙂 good
    KEEP IT UP.. 🙂

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