The end

How-To End

The way life started,
was a way I came forward to,
the troubles, the trials;

Now it’s a start,
by me;

Not because I haven’t started it yet,
but because I am not happy with the start;

The miser is one who keeps things just for himself,
luck never favors him;

The gold hearten is one who never keeps things for self,
but gives up life for some,
luck never favors him too;

The parts of life are so simple to be broken into,
yet we are unable to discuss the parts so often;

We create an atmosphere of life but,
we see life is surrounding us from no where;

We can’t believe us even in times of certainty;
leave alone the talk of winning an uncertain future;

To talk about me in this story,
this is a dead end by now;

Yet I am here,
and have an unsolved puzzle which is disclosed below as;

I worked for it for so long,
yet I am left indulged in shit sucking,

When will I happen to be a gold for any,
lest be the talk of, for my self alone;

The herbs that cause my brain to loose
are not in the dictionary now, as
I am not among the weak that use sticks to take unplanned steps;

I always worked for those steps in my life but,
my life never supported me for, in those steps;

Left alone, I took the tide alone,
and today I am alone that tide which can wash away those pains of mine.



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