The worries about the past,
make me worried;

The wrinkles of our forefathers,
tell me about the hard work they did,
in past;

Smiles were a fortune for us,
as now we think where it has gone;

Who will replace it with the promise,
which can be fulfilled;

Stories are to ‘ell,
but hard is the truth when it becomes a story;

We cry at our present and about our past
but hardly we knew it’s of our least importance,
as the ones whom we cry for have gone so far;

The smoke gets the air filled,
and makes us see tethering about for our future,
and then we are unable to see the life;

Our eyes gets filled with tears of waters,
of strange tides of our emotions;

Very few get to know about their life’s,
in advance,
as if the person who knew all,  he wouldn’t be crying;

I wish today if i could do anything to remove o’ tear
for we can have a healthy future ahead of us;

Theirs a crackling sound of my thoughts,
which flow out on the topics of my life, being so
so strange;

Making most of the crackling sounds that rise from,
within out hearts and souls might get connected with the one,
who may help cure us our disease of loneliness and individualism;

And here soon comes last breath, of the one whose;

This lasting sound of the last breath,  which he takes,
is most sonorous,  as it lasts forever in,
eyes and hearts of the one for whom the last breath mattered more than someones first



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