Don't Talk Just Kiss

I am the red light sherry,
as i said earlier;

I am that sherry used in joy,
but always of others and not mine;

Life is giving its edge over me,
and i am giving it in;

I waited for the kiss of my life but,
got another one;

Not a kiss from my life,
or love;

But from the trials,
agony itself became mine,
for whatever i thought,
this became a reality

My reality;

Living through this, a phase,
i realized in which time was playing the trick;

I always dreamt of

a person who could make me feel,
as i would be the only one who matters the most in his life;

The one who will care me not because,
I can cure his desire easily;

But because i have become the desire that he’s living for,
and then he comes to me,
for living;

The kiss of my life,
from the past twenty years have been,
so tight on me,
i never could smile;

I have always heard that there is a way out,
but never seen it;

I wait for my luck to change,
and for that,
i have become so paranoid ,
thinking and waiting, thinking and waiting ,
for that one look of a happy sun,
made me feel so much;

A kiss from him will make me go free from the boundaries that,
i am bounded to and with chains,
from the past twenty years since ten;

A smile from him will make my worries go away,
far from me;

Strange it sounds but my story is this itself ,
my life’s not strange but very normal, I
live up on the streets under those lights and, Make
others happy and feel relaxed,

Yet i am made the most guilty,
for i am not taken as anyone in this society,

Willing to be someone else then what I am,
has been tough,
no respite,
no fright,
and I am ended up to live like the same.

(to be continued)TIME TO TIME I CRY




  1. Wow, That was some stuff.
    Your approach is very interesting, you know, it’s thoughtful and one can just go with the flow easily. Nice 🙂

    1. Thanks, and indeed the her life is becoming so very interesting for me, i am soon going to write more on her life. Hope my imagining about her doesn’t end soon. 🙂

      P.S- sherry is just an imagination of a woman i had when i think about how would a sex worker thing in place of a normal woman’s life.

  2. […] ( to be continued ) – TURNING TEN TO TWENTY […]

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