The day’s dawn upon, nights turn to dusk; we remain similar in our homes and work and never think to take the worry that someone might be facing down in the valley or in a country where economic recession came not because of less trade among and with other country but by doings of some of the politically correct leaders; taking charge of that country and of millions others residing in there.
This condition often leads to unwanted deaths, caused by the war, many times within and sometimes due to involvement of foreign alien forces in their homes. To talk about life, god, home, people all so well related. But truly to see it is what many people are suffering because of, but not those few hundreds who are filling in their pockets with maximum profit.
There’s a reason for the death of a person, but what is the reason to give behind the death of some 100 people dead at one same spot just because some one exploded a grenade there.
Whose fault is it anyways?

Those soldiers who are at the front line holding guns and bombs; sure enough to make a good kill of their enemy.
Or those soldiers sitting in the office and holding a pen tight enough to sign a decision leading to forward an attack by the front line soldiers.
What we say to this.

The child crying over the death of his mother and father, and cries more due to see his grand father unable to stop crying and often getting lost when seeing what’s happening at his birth land…and thinking about what his grandchildren would do now.

The whole state is in turmoil; the one which is going to end futures of many.
Talking about places like Afghanistan, IsraelPalestine, Iraq, all have so very different or same issues. They are even getting solved or have got solved.
But by what means, they have been solved or are getting solved is the question unasked.
We see, what we believe is what we see; we are too reluctant to even hear a sound except that; we want to believe what we see.
This is the real us, we changed; we are not worried about other people, we are not worried ’cause we turned selfish enough to just see our own future go bright.
But when we see someone else doing something for other we believe he’s god. We have become so very blind in this limelight of selfishness that we have not being able to understand the truth; we see what we are made to see; but understanding that thing, we surely don’t give it the required time ’cause that costs us our precious time which could be put in use to make monopoly in business and our own lives.
We see the side of the coin which is shown to us very well, so well that it seems we know everything about it. But we never took the trouble to run our brains wild and try to flip the coin. What we are made to see is one side; what we need to do is to flip it and have the view of the other side.

The one issue is this that. Israelis have army to go with; Palestinians are smashed, made to leave their birth place forcefully and if they turn rebellions, there will not be much time taken in calling them terrorists. We should not forget that what is not wrong may not be right too and what is proven right may have its other sides too.
We have hundreds of examples, of such cases, happened in the past or are happening at present but we never try to learn;
the reason being we are so very busy we have no time for such issues…Moreover it’s not happening to us, we are satisfied. And this way intelligent crook take the most of it.
The story about how crook a person can be, is to get your work done some people flatter and make others do work for them, soon when work is finished they become so very unknown to them…
Open up to see what the world is cooking and eating, hope you may or will soon, one day discover that the cooked and eating materials are not the same always.




  1. wow yr………….

    1. thanks for giving it a read bro, and i am glad you liked it.

  2. Powerful words…

    Honestly, I truly Enjoyed this read.

    I enjoyed the format and its strength.

    Thank you…

    1. Thank you for giving it a read.

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