While browsing through freshly pressed i came across this article on the blog “BOTTLE CAPS AND BROKEN BITS” by J. YOUNG and was really keen on sharing it, actually the three advices were the root advices for to live life. It made me realize that  lives need to be lived, as i must say this that ” living is just an excuse, in the end we all will end up in death” , so better live it to the full or die with an empty heart. 😉 And sure;y when an advice’s from a traveller he is ought to be right always.

I once met a drunken guru named David on a rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City. He was turning 30, American, and had been traveling since he was 23. This was the last year of his travels, as he had decided long ago that when he reached 30, he would go home, get a job and settle down.

We were drinking Beer Saigon — it was happy hour. It’s always happy hour somewhere in Southeast Asia.

“What is the most life-changing advice you could offer me?” I asked. Eager to glean some advice from a (very) seasoned traveler.

His eyes lit up and briefly focused. He thought for a moment, and said, “Don’t take shit. Stand up… For yourself.”

I nodded thoughtfully and encouraged him to go on.

“Two. Laugh… At everything.”

I laughed.

He looked confused and went on.

“Three… I forget… Doesn’t matter.”

“I think that may be the your most brilliant rule,” I said.

We laughed, we cheered, and kept drinking.

One comment

  1. Amazing! Life’s never sad, its all in our head!
    Beautiful post with a beautiful message!

    P.S: Your award is still waiting for you to grab, here’s the link,http://melodicscribbles.blogspot.com/2011/08/aaand-award-goes-to.html

    Love, Risha 🙂

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