A meeting fixed with death,
chairs calmed with doctors giving bed rest,

Hope my India is in a state itself,
of making it to the pages of history,
yet again
by getting cleaned through the rivers unmet
till today,

At 12 past this day we will see a parliament,
out of the aggression and the suggestion,
we will have a decision firm upon,
the 64 years old constitution,
Which is fought and brought upon by the 68 year old Indian,
oops ‘ which actually he was 5 years back,

Still then the struggle has been a part and
we have been making our India without our part,

Today we arise against those tides,
and say we are proud of not India,
but Anna who is for India from past not just 5 years but 72,

Tomorrow India may not comprise of,
the ills as we will get pass the Lokpal bill.




  1. Just read it and i liked it… 😀

    1. Thank you 🙂

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