Being hungry i felt lately,
was about all my honors i received,
which i had got forward for in life very often;

Never realized what would it mean,
when in later life, where i would be;

The stage i set in,
was way larger than i could stand,
so tiny an image i looked,
when i went up that stage;

I realized later,
maybe i wasn’t that hungry as this stage has food;

And i was true,

My foolishness was way to upwards and to the stay,
i went quite downwards below my scale;

What i ever wished to do was to be something different,
rather ended up being a soul in persistence;

I still see to that day when i decided to end my life,
as the stage was out of my sight;

I realized dangers are for few,
who can handle it below their hearts;

Not for those who take it to their hearts,

Wind blown the pages of my story,
which were made stapled to my life;

My life had stopped then;
thanks to the wind i lost those stapled pages,
giving space to new write ups;

Feeling low and sorry today,
i write this poem in distress;

I have an expression of speech,
which i can’t speak;

I today feel as it is true to say that,
being hungry gives you what you want to eat,
or it just craves an empty space for something to be filled in.




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  1. denoktanti · · Reply

    nice poem, thanks for visiting my blog, too, Sahil

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