We talk about our life,
in a vision with surprise;

Everyday we believe
is gonna be a new day,
undoubtedly it is;

The world has a new dimension,
has a new profession;
a new language, a new identity;

Still in this new world,
two persons can never be the same,
human nature cannot be changed;

In this new world,
our life’s have changed,
with a purity of ideals,
of those who fight;

Many fight for nothing,
but everything,
their rights, their souls;
for the best they can do,
until they fight;

The nature has seen the wraith,
of a modern day man;

Science  has taken a new meaning,
or we say has changed it’s meaning;

First there were vehicles,
that went past were our only science,
Now;  missiles and bullets
how fast they went,
has become our science;

Anger was a way of expression,
now is a way for all the expressions;

We have made ourselves
rely on a different oxygen;

Till the yesteryear’s have passed,
we were scared of ghosts;
But now we have turned our belief in ghosts;

Truly, we have had forgot our nature of love,
resistance and be power for the one low, To help;

Now, left out only with showing our power

God even has been lately felt left out
in the showcase of our love for power.



  1. What a sad state of affairs you describe. I hope the world can recover some of the innocence you describe here as being lost. And I hope there will be more reason to hope as well.
    If we hope we can change, and if we change the future will also be changed.

    1. True, we need to make a change within ourselves and though we can create a better world for future generations.

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