Where we belong

Where we belong

Where we belong to live in this entity,
where we belong to a country full of fightings,

where a terrorist kills and a soldier becomes martyr is often easy,
and human rights sees only the terrorist being in pain as
through they being forced to make a kill;

Yet i say if conscience are true, then nothing can fall back for you,
but if your conscience are made weak, you can easily go for any kill that too within your will,
and yet we say rights should be there for a terrorist and,
he must be saved in our jails,

A poor soldier gave his little less important life in a fight against a more important being,

Thankfully our law agrees and pays the bill of afzal and kasab, as
because who has time for to take care of a martyr’s family in distress as
after losing their son or a daughter for letting see another person,
the next days sun.




  1. you have a flair with words; you use them well. I look forward to reading more of your work. my best to you.

    1. Thank you for giving my work a read.

  2. silky sachdeva · · Reply

    you are good with your thoughts… write more, your words worth reading….

  3. beautiful words that need to be heard. Thank you

  4. thepoetdaniel · · Reply

    Revolutionary Greetings! When I posted “Me Reciting The Great Shakespeare”, I thought there was some kind of error because the video didin’t show up on my page. So please let me know if you were able to view it on wordpress or if you had to follow the link to youtube. Thank you. Peace and Love.

    1. Hey, i serendipitously came across your post, the name itself was enough for me to look for it but unfortunately i opened the link of the you tube you had given it didn’t played and i think i am using Ubuntu where i might be having a little problem of flash and it’s counterpart, i still need to figure them out, so i would suggest you look someone else as well to ask it might help then. sorry i couldn’t help totally.

  5. I have read this before somewhere – do you have another blog?

    1. Yeah i have another Blog http://www.handstocare.blogpspot.com but i don’t think i have published it there.
      can you tell me where you read it if you can recall it i would be glad to know.

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