Story of Rational World Inside

Story of Rational World Inside

The mountains went down the earth,
Drained up in the oceans of  our sins;

The rock pattern scientist found,
For to find the origin of life;

Missed they slightly through the origin
And they missed god slightly by that inch;

This is the story of  the Himalayas,
Which were meant for thy cool;

Now melting and rivers forming,
now meant for to drool;

How a human lit a torch against the great white wall,
now it started melting in a taste of white salt;

And flows straight in India,

India in the north is with a big heart,
so what they do is excused;

So in the top glaciers melted,
and little left from the top,
terrorism is inflated;

And little down to the left,
we say our government has done a lot,
showing a GDP of 11% in west of India,
is making it like the other west;

Few years back it had riots,
the heat was felt,
but cleared way for a new development,
with erase of existing cultures and those vultures,
new ones enthralled;

Move a little to the middle from the left,
and the Indian map will find, life is still at large,
and probably the best in talk;

Where the five rivers met and,
getting ill is something far,
where Parantha’s make for the national breakfast,

here even time thinks,
am i going slow or they made their lives comfortable;

Parliament stood amongst ,
the top monuments in a place, which is called as,
“Rajdhani Bharat ki” (capital of India);

Beautiful it is to say,
and to feel too,
that Delhi is the capital of India in many terms,
abusive language,parliamentary stuffs, strong beers or drugs or
lest be it just the Delhi university,
all are infectious and only available here;

To view a little down the side,
we see the Taj Mahal,
where it says clearly that the man is slave of beauty,

And where just outside it,
leather  hunters are being sold,
what a significance it shows,
either a man is deeply in love with the beauty,
and praises it,
or it’s the hard core love that g

ets beaten up in,
either day or night;

Who knows,

The beauty of nature resides in,
not that monument but the love that got it made;

Little below the comes the starting south,
but before comes a blazing youth,
Goa is the treasure our country surrounds,
beautiful in every sense and young at every step;

Little it’s side comes our very own Amchi Mumbai,
real estate wonder one must say, developed on a soil by the river bed,
beauty at it’s best by the Marine Drive,
and add much more to it’s galore,
saw troubled wars among local and foreign on their land,
yet they fill the local train to it’s nerve,

Just a way above you see our heart, India’s heart,
Madhya Pradesh, a lot is to be seen there,
dynasty to cultures started there and are still prevalent;

Come south straight starts the infosys hub,
there starts our another sector for money,
and going all south literacy rate touched it’s cent percent mark,
flourishing, well named as city of god;

Without all this no India,
with this they make world,
religions live at par with each other,
administration, law, money, life all comes great here;

Here you will get everything,
but everything comes with not only a price tag,
but  an asterisk sign mark,
for conditions apply * ,
that too written sometimes so small,
beneath a big advert of changing your lives *;

And by the time you reach the spot,
for thinking as a dream come true experience,
you get it in your face by they telling you,
didn’t you see there was an asterisk sign on the hoardings;

Though this is not killing any thing about our nation but,
it applies for everything even our great politics and reforms,

Trust me it kills many hearts at a time,

My prediction of my nation is way worthy different,
as it would be for another person,
but final concluding words will be,

I Love My India



  1. Very nice poem. India is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Thank you for sharing your poem.

    1. Actually India is beautiful, i just want to share even more, but right now i feel i might wait to explore even more, as more i explore India the more i need to go deeper. Thanks for giving it a read. 🙂

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