Glistering Virtue

The Glistering Virtue

The picture rises through the dark curtain,
and then it sets back with a beauty beholden;

What it was meant to be it’s all lost ,
into the dark of this hour;

Where we see is most beyond this point,
and often we loose this point;

What we find here is all another quest for,
humanity to greed,
from man to the meat;

What I try to say here must be lame,
but hide your skin, as my words when understood,
might just cut you through deep inside,
and that time it will be carefree of you to realize,

What about now, that we have come this far,
to hold down our breath for a fear,
which we never had and never will;

We are ready to die any death but our own,
and we miss our opportunity for, as to live in another’s jacket deep strong;

And we are late enough to view the picture again through the dark curtain,
it’s shallow now, we had lost the art early,
left with just a bow and arrow,
use it to create the shot,

Which you may miss, for not your heart is black, but
it is a dark curtain not being held up for you to see the picture clearly, in reality.



  1. I love the last two lines in this poem. In this poem and all that I have read so far, you take the reader into the soul of the character(s). Your subject matter is very important.

  2. Thank you and actually i tend to write for the matter that i had thought in my mind or came across, for me poem is a major outlet of my thoughts and i always wish and try to deliver best.

  3. I will remember ‘for not your heart is black’. Thanks for listing my poetry blog. Elspeth

    1. Thanks for as i can feel happy about at least somewhere someone would remember what i wrote, and you write like a gem which i couldn’t stop from imbibing in my blog as it will only make my blog worth more 🙂 .

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