My Spirits and Tide

My Spirits and Tide

My hard days were far ended,
when i did an internship in a company called ‘hardworking’,

There i learned about my facts and irony,
i had find truth about the flowers laughing at me;

The garden went on the forest to share the difference,
i had given my life a share of experience,

And learned quite soon what tears meant,
on my eyes and my shoulders;

Held my spirits high against the tides streaming past,
breath, my breath resolved in with the higher pressure;

Way too tight was my valve for the air passage,
when i saw everything, that was all poisonous,

The words till they are spoken,
as i learned after they are spread out,
then they have to be swallowed,
no matter how small valve you have;

That’s what they call it,
as good people shouldn’t be bothered about what other people say,
cool enough when they take my life away from me in name of boosting my spirits,
i may be lying dead as the river with no stream;

And then they say what a waste of life he made,
he was good for nothing,

We kept our heads high most of the time,
to not make our hats fall,

but what if we were to be beheaded,
every time we take our positioning in front of our superiors,
with our knowledge;

Better we fry our souls up,
for the morning galore,then
when the birds born out of sunfire,
and phoenix you into a less you,
your demise.




  1. Umesh Ummat · · Reply

    I approve but spend more time studying Physics not poetry but I enjoyed reading it

    1. Sure uncle, poems i just write in when i am free or not doing anything else. And thank you for giving my work a read.

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