2g Scam

Clever land acquired by the elephant,
divided by the four-square plan;

Tried and tested experimentation,
all fried over by the burning desire of power;

A palm thought being calm came over to look,
soon turned the other way round,
from giving to ask;

These changing times have been tough,
not on the people who these gamers require to vote,
but on them itself, their games changes;

A confidence scam will soon be taking place,
may as troubles and tribulation will end after that,

People burn there feet to go and vote,
for their own benefit or for some who played them,

And yet who played them don’t feel the issue burned,
as they play for a long five year term;

Some times we understand the kind play happened,
yet most of the time we ignore the share,

we believe we helped the nation to grow,
then we forget the role of duty afterwards that flow,

Their is an elephant and a palm, both create a start,
followed by a lotus that gets the mud out and put it in line for start;

Whom we trust, whom not,
is the game for us,
which we can’t relax until sorted,

Let the polls come this time,
we may decide on it on whose voice, we voice ours,
and who will care to take care for rights,
which are ours.



  1. cool stuff. 🙂

    1. Thank you, i know this one might be a tough to interpret as i wrote it for fellow Indians who have seen India through trials and political parties the animal, the hand and flower i referred to were political parties symbol. Our country has been in a turmoil since very beginning but we always out see it, thats why we are in a turmoil i believe. 🙂

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