Elevated Through

Elevated through the rising of the suns,
stars and a black make up on my face,

Making free spirits run away,
in the stylized tomorrow;

Fashion makes me think bigger until i clear my desk,
which is a cluster i often collect as from the world’s rag;

I am fixed in a deep scrolling census of another world,
where i am unable to find my conscience living;

Rag pickers have seen more bounty of nature,
then me as i was enthralled among the already seen ,
could not make it come out of my enclosure,
i resided it in my heart a bit longer;

My elevations in terms of realization,
were narrow,
as i was far more enjoying the scenario;

That time i had nothing more than,
what people call self conscience,
but bad was this as it was more of ego than conscience,
which fitted my  wardrobe, which i always wore when i had to dine;

I feel elevated through this,
as today i came across a soul,
heavy with all clothes on but,
a light heart to flow;

There i was made to gave up my conscience and,
soon i realized  there’s more to life than,
to file the cries;

My heart was black with tar, not
because of nicotine, but my ego;

I crave for  the false,
i always got the false,
material desires of mine,
they never could allow me to make myself mine;

My eyes learned how to shy away from lie’s,
now they know how to face and give a reply;

I got elevated through my own conscience and,
due to which i might have escaped my demise.



  1. josephmctaggart · · Reply

    Very nice …

    1. Thank you For giving it a read.

  2. This poem is good, i guess…
    I like the bit were you said… ‘My eyes learned how to shy away from lie’s,
    now they know how to face and give a reply’ cool stuff =D

    1. Thanks for the consideration to give my work a read, and i am little confused as you said the poem is good,’ i guess ‘ is that guessing somewhat not nice or is a compliment 😉

      1. its a comment…
        good stuff 😀


  3. 😀 thank you .

  4. Yeah i got that .:D from the big smiley 🙂

      1. Your poem Hope is really nice, i will comment there as well but since we talking here so thought to comment. 🙂

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