the funeral smoke cloud

smoke cloud

For, an old man,
it is always tough to survive,

He survives through bolting the door,
so it not opens when few people,
force open it;

He struggles for a breath,
in the atmosphere of oxygen,
for he knows how less it will be soon for him,

Plants he sees, understands the important sunlight;

Yet overcoming troubles, he still thinks himself,
to be mortal;
which makes him live long enough,
to see himself die peacefully;

Why we, the Young Immortals,
tend to call death,
within a cloud of smoke,
through which we compare ourselves with gods,
as able to produce a smoke cloud from well within our inner selves;

Our two fingers holding,
a diminishing light and paper folding;

Which creates round, straight clouds in air,
harming both you and
all the mortals around you;

I know you never going to die,
for you yourself held god in your hands,
but atleast care for the stupid mortal,
next to you,
Who die,
every death he never worked for;

I know, the benefits,
you get from the smoke,
that fills your lungs,

For it gives relaxation,
straight up in your brain,
and a cool status pic for Facebook,
which makes you feel as a hunk,
a cool satisfaction,
i hope;

I hope you want Facebook,
alone to come when you will be on final pyre,
making an eye contact to god in sky,but
with eyes closed;

As then known of the oxygen in atmosphere,
your lungs don’t breathe,

Or were you so considerate to let,
the oxygen be used alone for plants and,
those old mortals to breathe;

Yes, then you are every consecrate,
about other living descendant and allow me,
to call you God;

For God alone thinks of other beings;

Not that old man thinks,
nor the plants;

I salute you Immortal Smokers,
and wish to see you,my generation,as when i,
will be on a death bed fifty years from now,
and you holding that light in between fingers,
which i see;

And a puff you smoke out,
and i die, without the oxygen present for me,
to inhale through that glistering cloud of yours;

I will Thank You for being a God truly,
as he alone takes life,
of other beings;

Truly believed then, ‘being immortal means God,’
but i remember God used to give life too,
if he was taking from one;

Mr. Immortal Smoker can you ?




  1. this is a good post. 🙂

  2. Hi Sahil,

    I am passing on the 7×7 Award to you. Check out×7-award/ for more info. Well deserved my friend.

    1. Hey, thanks a lot for this. And congratulation to you too on getting it. 🙂 really appreciate it.


  4. This is great!

  5. Favorite line:
    For God alone thinks of other beings.

    Awesome, man.

    1. Thank you, I hope you like my work here.

  6. up in smoke. good post, funny and deep.

    1. Thank you. And i hope it affects the smokers to think about what smoking does to them and the people nearby.

  7. Whoa… you think really well… or i guess its natural.. great poem man…njoyed reading it…

    1. Thanks a Lot for liking it. I hope you like my other works as well 🙂

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