I had cannabis from the day of my dark,
i cry, i cry, i cried from  inside of my heart;
the child inside me made me wonder,
what my kind is, which i changed for altogether,

I cared for my life, till the time i bled,
learned the irony of my goodwill from within a sash,
which i tied around my divine strength;

Thinking about my worries i forgot the rest,
with one heart for my life with another for rest;

I got scared from well within me,
the child in me was writing a story on me,
i tried and tested the word god,
but felt later what i did was wrong;

I had cannabis and i cried for long,
the happy moment was yet to come,
with the screeching sounds of life laughing on me;

I want nothing but to find the inner mine,
which is going way word up to down with fire,
fire well within my class and well within my crust,
Which i feel when i cry out with my burst;

I reached home with a cried soul,
then i went to bed straight from the tire i hold,
hold of my sleep, my awaken dreams,
which i saw that day walking down the street;

Every image becoming so clear and,
i then realizing all my fears,
from rising to falling to rising again;

I couldn’t care much for my entire life,
as i had cannabis from the times i hide,
i felt good, i felt bad,
conflicting situations from a desired crest;

Let my death be alone left,
till the time i clear my debts,
with no straight road to heaven,
with hells all messed;

And i care for my foolish journey of a life within my self.



  1. great thoughts….liked it

    1. Thank you for approving my thoughts.

  2. Wow…

    So Heavy-Laden…

    1. Actually it felt the same way and i wish i could write more on the same but thoughts galore and i need to admit writting more will only reduce it’s importance.

      1. I completely understand what you mean…

        I thoroughly enjoyed it though, thank you.

      2. Yeah, thank you

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