i too had a love story

Death for love, I too had a love story.

Stars galore and my thoughts resemble my face,
which experiences a state of unbelieving truth,
where i have to let my life go, for something i don’t know,
but for which i had let it go, i cry beneath my skin,
laden with experiments of smile and cry,
i make myself prone to live another life;

You were my life, now you are dead,
i say it so as i want to revive,
from the past, from our past,
i cry so hard at times to relieve through my signs of sometimes not showing life,

You were my life, now you lay,
in soft motionless counter of my thoughts residing in you,

‘And you say you will be there for my life, till i bare the last sound of my sigh’

I wish i had seen you in your same eternal smile,
and say ‘i still love you more than my yesterdays rhyme’;

But sadly i cry so hard from inside as, tomorrow i am unable to see you,
my love story which started from you,
and was made to end with you,
and it actually did made the exit,
but quite soon;

‘I need the spirits to cry, for what i feel and i need to feel what it takes to feel the cry’

As today let my life be of a shallow kind as i feel from you,
that life is just a word which we end up living till our souls depart for final time,

Our souls departed from within us,
but i still feel the urge to make up for a moment with your inner kind,
i still fight for why it happened but then i remember,
it might have happened for to give me that time,
which when i believed you to be closest to the heart of mine;

“As i know the last time you came closer to mine,
was a very true sight of my own kind,
which the one i experience only with your smile.”


P.S –  Read Ravinder Singh’s Novel -‘I Too Had A Love Story’ to understand my poem better.



  1. How beautiful! One if the finest poems I’ve ever read!
    I could feel those emotions myself. Brilliant work.
    Keep it up, mate.

    Love, Risha

    1. Thanks for giving it a read, and i after reading the novel and basically the last bit of it, i wanted to cry but wasn’t able to so i just let my expressions out in this piece of literature. And to be honest i wasn’t able to come out of the novel-story-hangover for about 2 days till i realized this is just life, leave it and move on with time.

      1. I know right. That novel, written so well, is bound to do that to you.
        But then, like you said, it’s life and the show must go on.

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