savita bhabhi, porn

But(t) For What

I, going to buy coke from a shop,
saw a girl with high heels,
looked like goddess from the heavens door;

I followed her,
she stopped at a bus stop,
looked at me, I thought,Thought about proposing her,
but then I thought again,
‘will she commence with me’

The bus arrived, the rush stormed at the bus stop,
I felt silk lately,
No, No Cadbury Chocolate I ate,
But her twins softly pushing, and rolling together in the rush,
against me;

God was there,
and I wanted to hear,
‘I am all yours’ – by the girl with such posh look;

I looked here and there,
found nothing to fear,
Entered the bus with all my gears,
erected  err corrected hairs,
styled with a cover,
known as cap used by us;

Her eyes made a glance
with my,
and mine with hers;

The eternal feeling I had,
followed through,
down to the bottom,
of my heart;

And she was now close enough to me,
and oouch, I said when her hand touched,
mine, And,
she said-
“$500 for one time and no repeats,
your place will do fine with me,”

I asked ‘But for what’,
and she said,
“But for what ? then ‘All the best for your butt”



  1. I like that …

    1. Thanks, it’s a new theme i started Porn-Poems. haha we have seen videos, graphic and now i suppose in literature too.

      If all goes well then subsequent parts will be flowing through.

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