Big - Ben

Cane and Cover

The plan I had,
was to invite her home,
for dinner,
made by be alone;

Share same plate,
and enjoy the date,
was the sole purpose of,
me having her home;

Had I knew her different plan,
then wouldn’t had been so shy beforehand;

She came at around 6:00 clock,
In the evening,
with her make up,
and hairs rolled up,
making everyone stun;

She stepped out of her car,
with her see-through tight
black leggings visible;

I was nervous,
she was goddess,

But the way she smiled ,

and entered the house,
I wished she took clothes out,
from the dryer as the women of the house,

I closed the door behind,
and offered her to sit;

She asked for some wine,
and a cigarette,
as that was for times when,
she was happy;

I got her one,
and had one too;

I took sip by sip,
exploring divine grace of her body,
and she already finished full bottle of it;

I thought now it would be the time,
to open the box of good times,
and take one out,
to enjoy the good of this night;

She then, drunk,

asked me looking down,
wheres the bedroom honey;

And I all in full swing took her,

there, she rested on bed,
I said – ‘ will come in a minutes time, babe’ ;

And soon i came,
with my cane,

covered in fame,

But as among one of my unlucky days,
It turned out to be the same,

She had already slept,
and thanks to the alcohol she had;

And there i learned,
how true Mathematics is,
with how fast it gets to,
0 degree angle from a 90 degrees one;

And here ends the story of,
my cane and cover,
which could never be brought together,

Thanks to Alcohol and the sleep over.




  1. Apoorv Babbar · · Reply

    HAHAHAHAHHA!!!! Nice one.

    1. Hahaha Thanks man, your Readings only encourage me to write more, ;P

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