Fun Sperm Game

Funny sperm

I changed my routine,
I changed my style,

They told me to stay tension – free,
And I was lucky they didn’t forget,
To mention the tension in between stay and free;

As I earned good bucks,
I went to Starbucks,
With a girl I had recently like’d,
On Facebook and in real life;

Had a talk or two and impressed the girl,
With my looks;

She asked me what and whom I work for,
I said, I work with Mr. Chadha,
We work, we earn and we Donate;

‘Donate, Donate what?’ She asked,
I said ‘money, Money what else,’

I had lied, I know,
But if I had told her the truth.
She might have left me alone;

So I didn’t want to let her know,
About what I donate,
And for what;

But life never seemed to be so silly,
As it felt now,
I loved her so much and now she knows,
And has left me alone;

I felt guilty of myself being a Sperm Donor,

Though apart from money,
I have seen those happy families,
Who were gifted with a new born baby;

They love their kids,
And I love my life;

Way to go before I end,
The pursuit of Happiness,
Is what I will distribute;

And as far as my love life is concerned,
She, who can’t understand,
What not having a child is,
I think she can never be a good mother,
Or a good wife,

So, finally why should I waste my Time and Money,
When I can Earn and Relax.




  1. All in one: Review · · Reply

    welll…. i’ve got to admit…. so so soooo funny pic in the starting of the post….

    1. Haha thanks, and how about the post?? that would be even more comprehending for me. hehe

      1. All in one: Review · ·

        sorry.. i’d comment on it when i’m a bit free. i mean i didnt read it completely…:(

  2. All in one: Review · · Reply

    finally.. i read it & enjoyed reading the poem-cum-entertaining article

    1. Haha thanks buddy for the review, as your title suggests 😉

  3. shasha · · Reply

    thats realy funny:-)

    1. Thanks, for giving it a read and liking my work.

  4. “If you haven’t any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble” to cure it help people, let’s unite for one good cause, be a volunteer”save lives”!

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