I doubt, more than the number of times I have written anything. And then I believe if I started It for a reason, a purpose which I need to accept as an order from above, (Death from above sounds similar  too). The order from above is about writing, I love writing but writing articles seem tough for me to aggregate my thoughts into a piece of a well written article, more over if it’s a poem I hardly have double thoughts.

Now today Challenge accepted and more fulfilling, I take it to complete an article on a daily life routine other than some particular topic than might have baffled my heart and brain together. And as I am writing this, my mom invades my room with a watermelon cut in a plate and says eat it, I say no, she says to eat it or no dinner for you, and I just finished the fourth piece I had in my mouth. So Juicy – juicy laden mouth and my thinking brain, writing this post with a trust to get it completed.

Watermelon makes me remember tomorrow is my final exam for biology and shit I haven’t studied it, rather I am writing this post. The only thing I might have studied is a dissection of a fruit like watermelon, that too just separate the seeds from it by using a fork, and most of the times I don’t mind taking the seeds out, thanks to my laziness. Finished the last two pieces and now enjoying the hands free writing, I mean with no distraction. Writing a post is so very interesting I understand now, writing poems is enjoyable but article with a sense of talking to someone and that too you may even not know whose reading or listening your this funny thing and the best part of even if you say shit, you are definitely not hearing any interruptions and answer backs. (y). I’m loving it. Pa Ra Pa RaPa.

So finally I wrote something sensible but now thinking about how to continue further, as having my biology book opened in front of me and my hands on the laptop’s keyboard. It’s a tough situation, to really dodge mom’s ethical questions about ” why you aren’t studying” with eyebrows raised and eyes red. Makes me think twice about being seen alive again. To add here I will say blogging is a new source of life for me not only in terms of writing but also in terms of the website design I spend so much time finding the nice and the right theme for this blog and then adjusting the widgets and html codes for various things it’s tiresome many times especially when you by mistake don’t save the changes you made and boom you closed your browser, but exciting as well on seeing the results on your webpage, when you smartly save everything beforehand. You are enthralled, encouraged and boosted with spirits up high and (then) you actually become a blogger.

I don’t think right now I am able to add more “shit and pepper” to this post. Will write the next blog post and as your honest blogger I tell, while writing this post I started getting many ideas for to write every day and which may or may not be a good option to put up those posts on this blog. I will put up a poll soon asking what Topics/Genre’s should I be writing, which you all may like to read ( If only you guys like what I write 😉 ) soon after I figure out how to put a PollDaddy Poll on this blog.

Spaciba, Dasvidaniya (Thank you and Good Bye in Russian)

SAHIL KHANNA (Same old Shitty boy with shitty blog Posts)

P .S. – Hang out near this blog and you will be updated with my future post for sure, on this topic and many others to follow.


  1. Ha-ha! I enjoyed your post and wanted to say thanks for the ping-back too!! Keep on “blogging”!! As you may notice on my blog, I do mostly poems but there are the occasional stories and often updates on certain situations (like my health problems, prayer requests, etc.) Have a blessed day, Terri

    1. Yeah Thanks for reading and commenting. You too have a blessed day

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