Scams in india

Mr. Prime Minister

Our worthy Mr. Prime Minister, is a mister of other sorts with witty answers and termed as great orator. Yeah but he never showed them to anyone, that has a reason as well trust me, all genius people have a reason behind everything they do, and this man has a reason behind his silence. He never showed the world about these things is because of black magic which probably Mamta Banarjee has warned him about and this is what she is scared for as Red’s and north Korea with ISI wanted to kill her. So in turn if he speaks much he will be affected by the people’s ill-will and will not be able to remain in chair as Prime Minister, as he has been able to from past 2 elections.  See the examples of how many people have been able to get re-elected. See our very own A.P.J Abdul kalam. he spoke for so many issues and was sent back. This is India you need to be beware of this Black Magic.

Now since we know about our Prime Minister, which indeed is a very shy sperm, and henceforth we will not be making any comments but questions, we may ask.

Scams they get opened to public in his tenure and this is what i say transparency which he is getting in the govt. he’s being silent but then working for the people, nobody understands this or sees it as a plus point from our Prime Minister. And i also say that let these Scams be opened as public issue license and let people be also benefited with it. Then no one will be cursing the govt. of India. A.Raja will soon become a hero and CBI will start the relaxing at work (or to say relax with freedom as probably they then have no questions to answer about political power playing on them).

So what Anna Hazare has done is right, with creating a state of unrest among these bureaucrats, who are assumed to be running this country, or is it another trick played by the government itself, to play it against them at first then be for them for the rest of the term, for to help start another term.

And now what happened to the scams or scandals, why I am not hearing any new one’s lately. This question arises often and then yesterday I fortunately while trespassing to gate crash a wedding in town for free food got to hear this great conversation from the great close room,  it was a heated argument and the heat could be felt outside or was it the temperature that day to be 45 degrees. Whatever.

“It’s not an auspicious day to start the new scam, if started today it will be of less than 150 crores, which we will not be happy for.” Said Mamta Banarjee.

‘OK’ -” then lets ask Sonia Ma’am as to when start it”  – replied the Meeky Manmohan Singh.
“Oh you bugger,  intervened Pranab Mukherjee, ‘stop asking her for everything, you know guys last time he nearly asked her for to go to washroom’ See me I raised the price of petrol and hell IEnglish: Signatures of Manmohan Singh. Top in ... asked anyone, this is politics man, you see your profit.

‘No’, that I was telling her not asking’ – rebellious Manmohan Singh in the closed room.

Everyone silenced.

I heard some footsteps coming across and thought to rush for the wedding before the food gets over, as this would never end unless Our PM wakes up to become the AM for the country.


( The views expressed by the author are personal no relation to living or dead should be assumed, or else probably it will lead me dead)



  1. Apoorv Babbar · · Reply

    Quite hilarious. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks buddy, the hilarious word really makes me moving, 😉 will write more if i could keep up with the thoughts.

  2. Dhruv Rupani · · Reply

    yaaa so true… this is the state of indian politics. manmohan singh is too passive a PM, who is overpowered by Sonia Gandhi and his cabinet ministers as well in taking decisions which hurt the country badly. If the Indian public can be united to take a stand against the government, we could have a new government in no time but no one wants any change because they care for themselves and no one else.

    1. True that, and actually he made me feel this thing that if he has no love for the seat, of prime minister then why is he still up with that, if he’s not corrupt why don’t he let go off the politics and prove his innocence.

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