Aishwarya Rai bachchab

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (With a Customs Officer).

“Is there a baby in it”, Asks Airport Customs Department Head Sri Venkateshwara Prasad, Aioo I doubt foul play in this story madam, are you seriously carrying a baby in there or a Barbie doll with diamonds stuffed in it, repeated Prasad to inquire as his duty insists.

‘Yes, of course it’s a baby in it and it’s my baby’ – Conceals Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Angrily, as if someone pointed at her botox surgeries.

‘No, no ma’am don’t mind me saying that’, apologetic Custom’s Officer Prasad replying, it’s my duty to interrogate people of stuffs they carry as they smuggle various illegal things across borders, you know like TV, Diamonds, some even Gold and since the petrol prices have shot skies I have even caught few people holding 2 litre Pepsi bottle in which they have Petrol and selling it, some using it for personal use to go home after putting it in their vehicles from airport. ‘And to be honest I have never seen a child so quiet and calm,’ Mr. Prasad to his colleague.

‘That’s okay, but you know who am I, I am Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Wife of Abhishek Bachchan‘, Mrs Bachchan on hearing apology proudly boosting the big name associated with her.

“Bachchan who, Amitabh Bachchan, You are wife of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan,” Mr. Prasad engulfs the thought. ‘Suresh I tell you, you can never tell about such big shots whom they get indulged with.’ Mr. Prasad to his colleague Suresh.

“Shut Up” Former Miss Indiain an angry tone, ‘ He’s my father in law, I am married to his son, you illiterate’



Sorry, Sorry again madam Ji, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I just watch very few movies of Bollywood, but I watch only RajniKant films, He’s our god, Mind It’ , Mr. Prasad over his ignorance.

What happened with Salman Khan, Suresh intervened for the first time, and got total red eyes from Mrs. Bachchan.

What !! You better watch your words or I file a lawsuit against you. Yells Mrs. Junior Bachchan.

Please, Please Madam Ji, Excuse me. I will never say this again, you can go sorry for the trouble, Mr. Prasad tries to cover up for being a badass.

Okay, fine even I don’t want troubles as I want to spend time with my baby, ohh Shona baby you awake, Mrs. Junior Bachchan Pampering her precious possession.

And then Mr. Prasad intervenes for the final time before he feels he may be executed by now, and asks – ” Is she a girl, then how come she’s so quiet and calm. That’s near to being impossible”, Girls are never quiet, God is it a miracle or a a medical mistake, my sincere suggestions for you to get it re-examined. Or probably your husband might have to answer this to you, very seriously.

And according to the reporting sources we were unable to track Mr Venkateshwara Prasad and his colleague Suresh again. No no, not because of something like killings took place but because our signals broke that day due to storm and we are still looking for investors to get that repair. Hope our studio starts earning money.

PS – All the above mentioned Name, Place, Animal, Thing is totally for a game and nothing else, Please stop being Sherlock Holmes‘ (For English Brats) and Chacha Chaoudhary (for Indian Desi Brats) and don’t go out to investigate the matter. It’s for fun, have a laugh, Leave a comment about my awesomeness and I will be very happy.




  1. durgesh · · Reply

    kya baat hai sahil bhai

    1. How you liked it. Tell me about it please, did it bring a smile on your face while reading or was it very monotonous and boring kinda stuff. And i hope the language was fairly even in the article and not creating a fuss making me stupid 😉 hehehe please tell me.

  2. durgesh · · Reply

    Dear It was not only awesome but also it was very interesting and HUMOUR at its best.The language used was very fair and simple.And would recommend and hope and will pray that you would become a successfull blogger,columinist and story teller.Hope you keep your good work and make sure you start blogging on sites such as TIMES OF INDIA,Hindustan Times where they give space to readers to write their blogs.

    1. Cool bro, really made me more enthusiastic about blogging, will surely see the Spaces times and ht provides to bloggers. 🙂

  3. humorous and hilarious! 🙂

    1. Haha Thank You, for giving it a read, more is coming I would love if you read them too. And btw i loved your post. Keep Writing.:)

  4. Thanks a lot and thanks again for visting my blog… enjoyed your writings..

    1. Anytime 🙂

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  6. […] Dear readers, I thank you 100,000 timesWITH BEST REGARDS, CUSTOMS DEPARTMENT OF INDIA […]

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