Government of India is planning to launch a new Internship program for students just out of college, for those who are looking for a place in one the top Government Companies.” Reports the Everyday Times.

Seeing the intensity of the applications in the government sector jobs, Prime minister Mr. Manmohan Singh has asked to pass the bill in the legislative assembly for these internship programs as to maximize the number of people opting for government jobs.

“Here Students will learn how a government office is run, by people for people, with exclusive training to bribe taking under the table, with not even letting the employee sitting at the adjoining table know about it.

They will also learn how to avoid signing of the file of a person if he is unwilling to pay the extra token money, by making good use of all worthy excuses, which have been implemented in government offices since independence, and also new and latest excuses will be included in the script.” Mr. K Siple was quoted saying.

People rushing as the last date to apply Ends.

This has led many students apply for this internship program, now it’s on government on what basis they select the eligible candidate for this post. But you need to be aggressive, greedy and cunning to be a part of this great opportunity. The division of Quota is as per the Government rules, a student can apply for this internship through any of the categories, with the percentage given to each category is as below –

SC/ST – 21 %

OBC – 37%



With Seats reserved for applicants of government employees. As per the old proverb – ‘Like Father, Like Son.’

(All the applicants can apply as per their category, and they can apply in general category too as to make sure they reserve a seat.)

The selected candidate will work for a period of 4 weeks with no pay (how can you even think of getting a pay from a government office), but here a student should think of his bright future as of, if he works as per the instructions of his trainee then he may get to keep all the bribes that he got from his own caliber. Along with a permanent government job.

The government has also given a bonus to these candidates as the one who performs best will get a chance to play a role in one of the upcoming scams / scandals, with great leaders of our nations and make his family proud by earning both fame and money.

Also they will get an autographed T-shirt of our Prime Minister MR. Manmohan Singh and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, from Mr. Rahul Gandhi, whose said to be the mastermind behind this whole scheme. He is working very hard on keeping India on top amongst all other countries in the routine work which we do best, creating biggest Scandals in the world.

Get ready and don’t miss this opportunity as the world awaits another big Scandal which may take place under your command.

PS – All the above mentioned Name, Place, Animal, Thing is totally for a game and nothing else, Please stop being Sherlock Holmes‘ (For English Brats) and Chacha Chaoudhary (for Indian Desi Brats) and don’t go out to investigate the matter. It’s for fun, have a laugh, Leave a comment about my awesomeness and I will be very happy.




  1. Dude!!

    Sounds like many gov’t positions 😉

    1. Yeah, In india right now Scams have reached a good height and sky reaching amounts of scams have been done, so thought of spoofing a govt’s move through an article could do little justice to the situation currently here. 😉 Hope you liked my article. 🙂

      1. It was brilliantly funny!

      2. Thanks a ton, your comments give my spirits a boost to write more 😉

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