With agreeing comes the suggestions part with which undoubtedly starts the argument part and suddenly from no where the argument takes such a bad turn that leaves all the malpractices shown in the episode to happen within just one family and that is my family, you are unable to hear about what the anchor or guest is shouting on a top pitch of their voices for us, but your family has a more important discussion to do about what they would have done in that very particular case, but, ‘IF’ they had got a chance.

I am amused that they are so sure about every thing shown on the show that they had almost done that humanitarian work in their lifetime, but couldn’t do it because an ‘IF’ came in between. How can you say something you didn’t do but are sure of that you had done it in past again ‘IF’ you could get the right time or money or something of that sort which might hindered you from doing.

I love what Aamir Khan is showing to the world or to India  which I must emphasize.  What we are and have done to our so society. We can surely live out to the expectations of our children whom we have to face more honestly then our forefathers.

The family discussion that starts is of good being but it will mean nothing if it ends as soon as the episode ends. (and trust me these in between family discussion always distract you from listening to the main topic or a great speech given by the called upon guest or the anchor).

We need a change but we need to work on it and no television series can make us work from our heart.” To work like never before you need to have a heart changed like never before, a brain equipped with knowledge like never before, hands joined together to work for the betterment like never before.”

If we pledge this then we can remove the ‘IF’ from our future life statements in front of our children. I believe




  1. Edward · · Reply

    I was so appalled by the promo of the said show, I never watched the actual show…

    1. But what Led you think so ??

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