When we try to listen upon our own conscience we endure a special journey through this lifetime. We can never be able to explain the importance of what life after death holds but you can always try to find the answer as to finding the answer only holds the key to knowing this importance of life. The answer fortunately lies in the knowledge that we will gain over in time while searching for the answer.

Living this life like a person who has completed his understandings of the world and mastered the art of conversation with anyone and has become master of somewhat called the most evasive journey of his life till now, he who thinks this may not be in well sync with his thoughts which will return him all this and show the real path of enlightenment as the knowledge never ends, you should always be at it’s receiving end with hands and brain both wide open. Be the beggar who asks for materials to increase and sharpen his knowledge rather than some free alms.

The give and take relationship remains for ever with us, karma debt remains and we always know this through our inner conscience but we ignore it with because of many other reasons and explanation coming in virtual aspects from every dimension of our brain.

Convincing us to do what right and wrong is we try to forget what the actual right and wrong is. Feeling of being supreme is good but by making others small is wrong, if you can be apologetic try to be forgiving as well.

Life comes once waste it and you can’t even repent if not able to understand it well in time, which can only come through awakening your conscience.




  1. kenyanideology · · Reply

    True! I love your blog post. You should write more like this!

    1. Thank you, for giving it a read, more than writing it’s about reading. If people like you keep reading the encouragement will keep on flowing to write more. Cheers.

    1. Thanks a lot, your considerate comments only inspire and keep me on track for writing my inner thoughts.

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