London Heathrow Airport

Finding a place is always referred to by it’s name, postal code, or what we call in normal language as address. Hope I am making my point clear enough for everyone. Even if I am not then damn me, I Just wrote the first line, how can I make it all clear. Read further Bro’s and their sis to know all.

The story stars as,today while leaving London, the city I am suddenly in love with, not been till lately I started exploring it all by myself, and to be honest I didn’t really explored it like I would say to my best friend back in India, “ I got the routes to all the strip clubs mate, gonna take you next time I go”. But just exploring the same old places I had seen some years back again, but this time making myself comfortable with atmosphere all by my own. Everything went smooth, no mishaps happened, I wasn’t kidnapped or killed or injured. Had a gala time doing stuffs. Freedom, little Freedom I had say.

In the mean while, going to the airport today I got stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway exactly the same way I would get in India the only thing different was the traffic was moving though at 4 miles an hour but in their ‘RESPECTIVE LANES’ and not fudging with other people’s driving by honking like god. I can understand how much everyone is concerned about other people’s driving in India, for the great examples that we can state here are, when red light turns green and the first person stopped at light forgets to turn the gas on, he is been intimately been reminded by fellow back drivers by a massive amount of careful and considerate honking. Sometimes I feel we nearly have orchestra on the streets, like Street Dance we have street Orchestra, come and beat us, if you got guts.

But, suddenly what I see the traffic is cleared and we immediately started moving 58 miles an hour. Oh my god I have never seen such a progress, I wish I had done such kind of progress in my university exams results. Gosh. Been with my Aunty, she panicked a little about whether I would be able to catch my flight or not, but she drive the car to success and made me catch my flight well before the time. ( Thanks Aunty as always).

The thing here is, while been stuck in traffic moving at 4 miles per hour, in a range rover, which was sweet, we thought of suggesting to the Sat Nav, which in this luxurious car is operated finely by voice, controlled well though. But we must not forget that whatever technology we get it has to be controlled by a human mind, after all we are only making them to make what we want. And so while we thought of using it we thought of what to put in, yes of course, it has to be Heathrow, but where is Heathrow, did we ever thought about that, it must be having a pin code, but do we know that, what street is it on, what would it be called if it didn’t had a name called heathrow.

I was thinking this, that we never know an airport by the pin code, we never bother to learn, because whenever we want to go we know the name and everyone knows the name. It’s that dead simple.

On Sat Nav we did got it without any trouble as we selected our P.O.I ( Places Of Interest) and there we had Airports and boom Heathrow, worlds largest operating airport, we have it on our Sat Nav.

But it’s was still the 4 miles an hour traffic speed and suddenly we thought of not referring to it, as it was kind of bit disappointing and telling us I will not be able to catch a flight, but when the speed picked up we were happy again and again we wished not to refer the Navigation Support as we knew the route absolutely well.

Concluding lines – Sat Nav was not used in any case, but it made me thing about whether there is a airport with a postal address as I might send a post card soon to it, telling world comes and goes by you, but you are ought to be remembered. And I dedicate this post to Heathrow, London.( I sound shit now.)

P.S –  I still haven’t searched for the postal thing about Heathrow, I am so lazy and lame. And this Olympics 2012 hosts, London, have done it so beautifully done, I loved it.


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