God lives beneath the unturned stone, quite a true statement when said in happiness or distress. But does it really help us to overcome troubles. It may as when you work your way out turning everything upside down to  look for an answer then, you may indeed find the answer which more profoundly said by God  as written in Bhagwad Gita about “He who is omnipresent shows you all the directions, but you yourself have to work out through the path”.

The movie I saw yesterday titled – “OMG !! Oh My God !!”  was a story of a person who was an atheist but as the story proceeded through the movie, their was a saying which very well inclined towards showing no one is an atheist, but that person is just a strong believer in reasoning. When he sees a reasoning for a thing he will no longer be an atheist. To be fair enough on this topic I will say the person who is an atheist indeed becomes the most ardent believer in god when he understands his presence.

Many People  who believe in his presence are mostly God Fearing people and not God loving. When, if we would have been god loving people we would have felt that god is everywhere and in everything, not only in the place of worship where we go and offer him prayer, or actually not offer a prayer but offer him a choice of either fulfilling our request or we stop believing in him, which indeed we never found the belief, rather took it as an ancestral property to believe. We are scared of the apocalypse but not for the world that it may happen upon, but on us. We fear him so much that we take it to the extreme of making him happy through offering from fruits to money to clothes for to put on their idols, and also conditions of walking barefooted or giving their first salary in his feet, why do you think god will be interested in taking your first salary after giving you a job.

We put conditions, on purpose not only to god but to everyone we are connected with, we try to make our point valid, irrespective of what the other person is, for us.We as human being are the most laziest and  manipulators who manipulates words, thoughts and acts according to one’s need. We didn’t started this exchange of things like barter system with God first, where we say, if God you give us this we will do that for you or this for you. We have taken it to the next level up to the God. We use it as a weapon now against God which was earlier used against Human Beings, first when a child asks his mother for an ice cream or chocolate he promises of completing his homework, later we ask our teachers that we will complete our assignments and make them covered up in beautiful covers so that you can raise your honour among other staff teachers, but you will have to give us full marks for this, as we grow more older it comes in jobs, then other work areas, even normal daily life. This is the face of real corruption that made today’s Human Being a lazy and manipulator of things surrounding us to accommodate his needs.

We need to follow God, but not his idols, his images. We need him as ideal, need to take from him knowledge, his patience, to dwell into a fortune of good will and happiness. Believe in him even if you are an atheist, he never wants you to waste all your day sitting in front of his idol and worship. He will want you to work your way out so to make a better a future for yourself, make him your mentor not tutor who may teach you everything that will be coming your way and tell you how to deal every second of life. As a mentor he will guide you, take his guidance to cover those paths which were at first impossible for you to even look beyond them.

P.S – Overall The movie was awesome must watch for all Hindi movie Lovers.






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    Gr8 sahil bhai keep it up

    1. Thanks bro, real appreciation is the reason of me writing more as to be honest. 🙂

  2. Just out of curiosity, why have you listed one of my pieces about The Casual Vacancy as a related article? Pingbacks are awesome, but my post really doesn’t have anything to do with atheism or god. It’s just an expression I used.

    1. Your curiosity is right indeed but i found your blog among those which review certain things. You reviewed what you read, since i kind of liked your other post as well i thought to ping an article with my post. I did it as a blogger gesture, if you feel the no link between two blog post i can remove that ping for you. No issues with me.

  3. supernova · · Reply

    Thank you Sahil, a very interesting article which I enjoyed reading immensely. Supernova.

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