farewell last good bye ever

Last Farewell

The last bid,
Good bye,
They Say;

I did to all my,
Friends and foes alike,
With nothing in heart,
Hugged them all,

It was after all,
A farewell bid,
The last good bye
Ever, they say;

Some kept feelings for some,
Some had dealt with those,
Some still had something left in them,
Some hatred, some love,
Some untold stories
With some rivalry still reviving, But all lost
In some air of our farewell bid;

Tears sometimes drops through my eyes,
Seeing my College Life,
Which was the best time in this life,

Feeling sad, unhappy,
I know a new life is waiting,
But this part of my College
Was surely intriguing,
Which changed me for me;

Something happened, something was made to happen;

Paths untrodden till then, were treaded,
All successfully,
With a memory;

Now, new paths await,
For me and my foremost friends;

Lucky are those who never get,
Separated after their College Life,

But surely never will forget my life now,
With these happenings,
The place where i spent 3 years of this rugged life,

My heart skips a beat,
While i write this,
My eyes are red,
And i wish this time to have never come;

Will miss you my College,
Which was not that special,
But made my life’s 3 years,
Very Special;

I lastly wish to slow down the,
Passing time,
And enjoy my last days at the,
Longest Stretch of these Hours;

I wish to completely fill my heart,
With these memories,
So i need no camera reel,
to see them again;

Until then, I do not wish to bid my buddies,
The Last Good Bye;

We may stay, Together,
Till death or fate do us apart;

After all my College Life is what,
My friends are.

Editions by – Shivani Talwar



  1. SriLankanin日本 · · Reply

    Nice Work 🙂 ~ and thanks for checking out my prose on California!

  2. I can imagine how you feel…

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