I just woke up from a mid-day’s sleep and having hell of a headache, due because of sleeping with the wrong pillow, though not the wrong person as I usually have to sleep alone, as I could only wish to have a girl- friend, no one really comes in my life.

But some thoughts struck me hard today, about topics which are very close to us, we see everyday life changing and this change takes place very fast sometimes. This also lets me figure out about changes that take place with our friendships, with people we had known and not because of some fight or rift we got drifted away from each other but just because of time, things shift in due time faster than because of some rift.

New and Old friends are the ecstasy of life, but why do we really either forget those friends whom we probably met till 5th standard in our school then they got transfered to another school or we did, some were there till final year of school and we forgot about them in college due because we made new friends.

New friends always have the capacity to reduce our time management and thus the time we used to spare for our old friends gets evaluated with time spent with the new one’s.

New Friends made are equally important for life cycle as to increase your knowledge, awareness and the stupid and super irritating things we do. In this course of time we lose our old friends and their anecdotes we shared.

But here’s a catch I realised just after waking up, if you lost contact from a friend try to re-establish that bond (I know Facebook is there Duhh!!) after those years have passed now you both will be having a new story to share about life and stuff’s you did alone when you were separated.

This way an old friend will become new and the bond will remain for ever use this cycle on a number of friends who got old and who once were new.

P.S – Keep a time period in mind on how to know if your friend has become old with whom you haven’t talked for a while, and then search for all the oldies and get up going to play the same old prank you used to play on teachers. And become the besties again. Relive the Moment, it’s very much necessary.


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