sublime prayer calvin and hobbes

What we have is not often enough, but what we crave for is certainly felt as better.

The Sublime Prayer is the poem heart felt out to write around the epicaricacy of the world.

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Gasoline, Air Conditioning, Litre,Gasoline and diesel usage and pricing, Delhi, Value-added tax, Price, NRMA

Petrol prices being hiked again and again in Delhi and India.

Earning diminish, expenditures increases.

What a turmoil our country will get into and what is the real difficulty taking place among New car learner’s read here.

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Your name should not wander in the street’s,
Rather it should do wonders in the street’s.

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Doctors checked my body, gave me medicines, But weren’t able to correct my disease;
As they had forgot to check my blood, which is intoxicated by the drug of your love.

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Friends are a part of life, rather every one has been a friend to someone before they could be something else for them.

Same situation I experienced and so i found out a quirky way out.

Hope you all also like it, Read here.

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Everything Except You Is Else For Me

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Nasty world

Poem on how a poet feels about world being a Place, Where he Views and Reviews his experiences about the happenings and is forced down to pen it. Read Here his ecstasy

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the second last meeting

This Post is dedicated to my Father, whom I lost when I was 10 years old, I miss him, but more i miss talking to him, getting advice and knowing the happenings in the world.

Which unfortunately now I have to correlate myself by being aware on everything.

Read if you wish to hear what i had to say to my Father when we met for the Second Last time.

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What I had seen so far in life, I experienced nothing but voids. Tried to fill them with my thoughts.

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Last Good Bye ever should it be.

My College is about to end and i have started feeling the anxiety of saying good bye to my friends quite early,

Writing my heart out to everyone who hates Good-Bye’s and specially when they have to say it to their almost became brother’s.

Read, Rate and Share your Last Good Bye’s Ever Here 🙂

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