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Truly said we live for Party and Party for a Fart(y). Don’t get me wrong or ill mannered but this is true, we all Fart and get the best relief in the whole world. Rather the title should have been ‘Pass the Wind’ like you saying something serene. But I noticed this morning while tying my shoe laces for a morning walk and the time I bent over I had to pass the wind and there it struck me our farts are of different kinds every time and they say something to us. I have tried to describe them if you associate with them please do comment, and don’t feel shy I am already naked now by creating a post, so you guys by commenting are only half naked still covering up great things ;). Ha-ha

What our Farts say to us –

Eat well idiot, that’s the first thing but when they are polluting the environment and making the other person sitting next to you pull out a handkerchief then surely you need to look out for your food habits.

But here I will now tell what Farts say to you when they make that noise. ( It’s like studying child physiology and understanding what they say even when they are quiet, you had said they are very observant by nature 😛 )

1. Pom-pom Padaam – This twice attack is the best one I personally feel, it makes great noise but gives relief of very high order. It is saying to you, if you listen carefully – ” I liked what you ate few moments back. ” 

2. Phiss – That’s a defuse bomb, which never explodes or sometimes it doesn’t get attention from the producer of it, so loner, and it says- God only knows why I exist, cause you never could. “

3. Pom – Pom – This one only single and balances your stomach – heat equation. This one says – ” Bigger bomb next time.  “

4. Padaaaaaaaaaam – This one goes out for long and uninterrupted and makes you leave the party, dinner, lunch or basically any food gathering occasion in total embarrassment or for some in total relief. And it says – ” Fuck Yeah, this was the best one. “

But in the end it’s your health that really gets healthy, so don’t be shy next time when you lift that butt of your’s slight up ( nearly 25 degrees) and then releasing anti-oxidants in the air. And positively feel the heat after releasing some air, as it gets real hotter man. 😉 Ha-ha. And don’t hold them as when you old they grow, and if grown large enough they explode more than the intensity they were to earlier.

And sometimes Farts only result in lumps of pieces which we often call shit.

P.S – While writing this post I have been ‘passing the winds’ for so long that I nearly thank god, I am alone today otherwise holding them was never an option.


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  1. And now I have farted about long enough reading and trying to understand myself by a better understanding my Bottom Language. 😛

    1. Haha true that, and it’s very deep language that you about to learn. 😉

  2. Thank you for the mention in your post, I really appreciated it. Contrary to popular belief, it still stinks when you’re an old fart too..

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  4. […] Fart(y) People (sahilkhanna.wordpress.com) […]

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