India the place where a mother,
Teaches his son the values;
Using the anecdotes of great gods,
Of how they fought for truths;

What turns to a man today,
Is unseen and unheard;
He follows the fashion,
From the west,
And totally loses,
The interaction with his own self;

Globalization leads his path,
To another level,
Where he sees his mother as a devil;

Way to go for such souls,
Who make fun of the cultures,
That they are born into;

For them they might be able to,
Prove their names in the books,
Which the world reads;

But what will they say to their mother,
Who still believes her son to return and
Fulfill her last dream;

And we mistake ourselves,
And our mothers to be just mothers;
We never thought this way,
To think our country as our mother;

To accept our cultures and
Put our shoulders to take the responsibility,
To return the favors,
Which was given to us by our parents.



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