Videos had given a sense of realization to the viewer, a feel, more towards knowing the thing better. There are various videos which we see, Dance Videos, Educational Videos, How-to videos, Spiritual-Yoga Videos and to correctly emphasize the nature of viewership, Saucy Dance Item Numbers, at least in India they are picking up pace at a faster rate.

rowdy Rathore

Since I just got this idea of writing through the video, and as a healthy, wealthy and wise Indian I will start off with my this Project [ just to make it look very deep I call it a project ] of Writing the videos Rather than just showing it.

To start the first video I have chosen is from Akshay Kumar‘s Latest Movie – Rowdy Rathore, which indeed is among my latest favorites. They have an item number ‘Aa Rey Pritam Pyaare’ and it’s saucy trust me on this note, a village scene in Patna, Bihar and it’s heating up the temperature, which indeed is already 45 degrees in New Delhi from where I write this in a room with a fan swirling above.

The Dancers are Mumaith Khan, Maryam Zakaria and Shakti Mohan ( who won Dance India Dance season 1). Though this was the first Song for Shakti Mohan and she fared well. The choreography gets in sync with the lyrics which can be said about most item songs, the dancers groove around the goons and the silent Hero stands by the stands to wait for the song to end and then create a climax. This has been more like ‘Munni Badnam Hui’ from Dabangg where Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan) makes an entry to the uninvited party of Chedi Singh (Sonu Sood) and when Hero plays with Villains Munni, definitely that irritates the villain to stop the rolling of music player at the back and cuss the Hero loud and clear.

Same happened here In Rowdy Rathore. I won’t disclose the secret Plot of the movie so you watch it, whichever way you feel best. The Sets have been put up good, as it’s a very decent and short minuted song and totally this is the ‘Raunchy Rowdy Rathore’ song to watch out for in the movie. Girls get in short skirts and deep cut blouses makes the ghaghra even more attractive. For all those men’s out there, prefer not to wear shorts  :P.


Dabangg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Item Songs are clearing the way for a better cinema, trust me now they are an essential ingredient in the masala for  movies. But though to see the past of our cinema we have witnessed these songs every time, but the difference remains in most of the films the Villains gets to play these songs with an Item girl who was mostly a side cast Heroine, now they are more done by Big name heroines in the industry and it’s trending.

Aa Re Pritam Pyare (video)  <—-  Click To View the Video



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