World Environment Day

World Environment Day

Government of India is planning to celebrate The World Environment Day, which is themed to be ‘Green Economy’ this Year (2012) by UNEP, and as the ministers and environmental protection activist takes the stage on this main day, we are surely going to see the welcoming of a greener tomorrow, a better morrow.” reads Mr. Shyam Lal, a first grade government officer in DDA, to his friend Surinder, from the ‘ The Everyday Times‘.

‘Aye !!’ Exclaimed Surinder, who is working with MCD. ‘It’s a World Environment Day today, So now today we will have to plant a tree and then after some time uproot it to make a road and everyone plants another tree after a year, this happens always, ask me, I know everything,’ boosted Surinder.

‘Yeah you know everything, I know that, but you don’t know this that this time it is themed as “Green Economy” by United Nations Environment Program, pointed Shyam Lal.

“So, I know we are at top in Black Economy with maximum money in Black Accounts, but we aren’t going to have a good name in this Green Economy Project, trust me, I know everything.” replied Surinder.

” But this time it has been reported that Rakhi Sawant is going all green with only wearing plant leaves which will be plucked from the trees on this World Environment Day, and for your information only it is against the Industries and Factories which cut trees in order to manufacture garments, replied Shyam Lal, reciting from the newspaper.

“What, really, wow !!” Exclaimed Surinder again, ‘Where are they protesting, it’s time to take a day off,’ excited Surinder almost ready to leave.

“Wait, Wait where you are going, the entry fee is a whopping 3000 rupees to see Rakhi Sawant on this World Environment Day,” Shyam Lal tells the sad news to Surinder.

Surinder half broken, and more broken as he will now have to go back to work.

And They turn the page to world news, and it states ‘Veena Malik to do Rakhi Sawant act in Pakistan and for free, that means no entry fee.
‘We are so unlucky, I hate India, what we have just scams, government making money and they blame us honest and best government employees for taking bribe ‘, both cry foul over this.

World Strip Environment Day

World Strip Environment Day


Leave it bro, we are meant to be in this state of shock as our country never does anything for us, Surinder complained.’

But Wait leave this World Environment Day and as always we will plant a tree and it will be celebrated,’ Shyam Lal to Surinder in a mischievous tone, see here Poonam Pandey is all set to Strip as Kolkata Knight Riders have won this IPL Season, Shyam Lal Excitingly tells Surinder, and see here they have given this pic of her totally stripped, ohhhh yeahhh.
Both see here and there in excitement as to confirm nobody was watching them and then started to concentrate on the pic again.

And after that they were seen to be happily going for office, where they planted a Sapling on this World Environment Day. All thanks to IPL (Indirectly).

PS – All the above mentioned Name, Place, Animal, Thing is totally for a game and nothing else, Please stop being Sherlock Holmes‘ (For English Brats) and Chacha Chaoudhary (for Indian Desi Brats) and don’t go out to investigate the matter. It’s for fun, have a laugh, Leave a comment about my awesomeness and I will be very happy.


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