The pleasure of driving is something unbeatable specially for those who have just learned to drive, they feel like a free bird who could travel in time without the worries of smelling someone’s deodorant or if less fortunate, than someone’s bare underarms in local busses or trains/metro’s.


If the car is a newly bought one then it has it’s own charms, if it’s an expensive one with all features company fitted as a delhiite would love to buy that one, then it’s an icing on cake. But lest alone be a brand new car even a second hand car would provide same pride of being a car owner in a city where there is no parking space available to park that big machine.

“I even heard a person giving advice to his friend, to buy a small sized car not because it will save him money or something but because it could be parked anywhere without much hassles.”

God dammit now money is not the prime focus at the time of buying but seeing how it will fare later while they drive.

I remember people used to buy vehicles for convenience and according to their needs as if they had a small or big family and likewise. They used to see the Mileage as one major factor and rest everything was not taken care of.

“Mileage is surely todays most important question but will, there be a feasible car with current’s petrol prices and needs.”

Today people say if we buy a car how will we park it firstly and then even if we find the space how are we going to pay the parking rent, and most important how will we pay for the petrol in the very first case to make it feasible for us to go out- eat, enjoy and park the car as well, all in a hand to mouth budget, as whatever may increase but not salary.


Most distressed are New car learner’s as they couldn’t practice much because of the petrol price hike, which increasing every month now nearly. People say they have spent less to learn it and more on practicing in their own car. And also not to forget the Air Conditioning will be must in this hot weather, especially if you are impressing a hot chick out there.

I think people might start using this proverb as –

“They could afford the car now, even a Merc or Bmw/Beemer; but not it’s running cost.”

P.S – Let’s leave our government to think how will they conduct the rally if Petrol supply gets limited for their usage and every party is given only a fixed amount of it. This way they might understand increasing prices may get them revenue but not votes, that next time they may contest for.

Comment below to let me know if petrol prices are agony of my heart only or it affects your’s too.

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