The Sublime Prayer

For some it happens with a chance,
For some it is the intense hardwork,
They had put in;

The lies and truths are not
What we hear and see;
Sometimes it’s beyond what we percieve,
With a truth hidden in a lie,
We often create a rive;

The inspiration is not shared
with anyone but persperation;

Let alone be the duty fulfilled,
With a lousy Challenge;

What we came here for,
Is to sell what we have;
Which we got from our surroundings,
Irrespective of our nature and challenge,
Filled in it;

I only wish to be true,
From heart and soul,
My mind which is hefty amongst the crude
nature of the world as a whole;

I pray finally to god,
To let my Poem be my prayer,
My strength, to fight what I never,
Got myself enlisted into;

But got hold of the nature
of the world as a whole;

Wishes get scrambled into a piece of dry risks,
Which gets often boiled up in the pan of arrogance;
My face half beaten and i am still here writing a poem,
to instill a prayer from my inside Heart
Which feels it will reach out to somebody,
before the Dawn.



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